Membership Application Packet, click here

 Task Force Member, click here


 Membership Application Packet, click here

 Applicant Handbook, click here

Applicant Objectives and Tasks, click here

 Probationary Member Manual, click here

Probationary Member Objectives and Tasks, click here

Performance Evaluation, click here

 EMT-Basic Provider Release Process, click here.


 Accident Information Form, click here

 Acknowledgement of Mandated Reporter Status, click here

 Advanced Airway Kit Inventory / Checklist, click here

 Advanced Life Support Evaluation  CCNA 200-120 Form, click here

 Airway Management Documentation form, click here

 Airway Management Practice form, click here

 Alternate Training Request Form, click here

 Ambulance Checklist, click here

 BLS Evaluation for Release as Attendant in Charge form, click here

Budget Codes, click here

BLS Checkride Guidelines, click here

BLS 3-Month Evaluation, click here

Change in Status Request, click here

Check-Ride for BLS Release as AIC form, click here

Clinical Thought Process Evaluation, click here

Code Flow Sheet, click here

Confined Space Entry Permit, click here

Coversheet to Begin ALS Collection Process, click here

Coversheet for Release, click here

Documentation of Purchases Made on Squad Credit Card, click here

Duty Officer Accident Assessment Form, click here

Emergency Notification Sheet, click here

Glucose Monitor Weekly Control Documentary, click here

Identification Card Information Form, click here

IV Start Kit / Medication Packs checklist, click here

LMA Video Post Test, click here

LMA Insertion in Pediatric Patient, click here

MCI Transportation Worksheet, click here

MCI Treatment Worksheet, click here

MCI Triage Worksheet, click here

Pediatric ALS Kit Inventory, click here

Performance Evaluation, click here

Personal Funds Reimbursement Request, click here

Pharmacy Daily Temperature Log, click here

Quality Assurance Form, click here

Release Spreadsheet, click here

Request For Training Funds, click here

Ride-Along Program Packet, click here

Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate, click here

Shift Status Report, click here

Special Event Drug Kit Inventory, click here

Special Incident Report, click here

Special Operations Incident Report, click here

Volunteer Insurance Beneficiary Card, click here

Waiver of Rights form, click here

501(c)(3) Certificate, click here


 National Incident Management System – overview, click here

 IS-100 Introduction to Incident Command System, click here

 IS-200 ICS for Single Respource & Initial Action Incidents, click here

 IS-700 National Incident Management System, An Introduction, click here

 IS-800 National Response Framework, An Introduction, click here

 IS-808 Emergency & Support Function (ESF) #8, Public Health & Medical Services, click here


 Communicable Disease Health History, click here

 Decon Procedure for Ambulances, click here

 Hepatitis B Vaccine Declination Form, click here

 Hepatitis B Vaccine Program Consent Form, click here

 Hepatitis B Vaccine Immunization Record Form, click here

 Immunization Record Form, click here

 Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccine Consent Form, click here

 Varicella Vaccine Consent Form, click here



 12-Lead Guideline, click here.

2014 Trauma Alert Criteria, click here.

Advanced Airway Maneuvers Release Policy, click here

 Biphasic Defibrillator Guideline, click here.

Blood Glucose Monitoring Guidelines, click here.

 Carbon Monoxide Pulse-Oximeter (RAD-57) Guideline, click here

 Clinical Thought Process Evaluation Guideline, click here

 CombiTube Guideline, click here.

 Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Guideline, click here.

 Determination of Death Guideline, click here

 EMT-Basic Provider Release Process, click here

 EMT-Enhanced/Advanced Provider Release, click here

 EMT-Intermediate/Paramedic Provider Release Process, click here

 EZ-IO Guideline, click here

Hemostasis Policy, click here

 Hydroxocoblamin (Cyanokit) Guideline, click here

 Induced Hypothermia in ROSC Guideline, click here

 Intranasal MAD Guideline Form, click here

IV Maintenance Policy, click here

 King Airway Guideline, click here

Laryngeal Mask Airway (LMA) Guideline, click here

LUCAS 2 Chest Compression System Guideline, click here

 Paramedic Student Field Preception Guideline, click here.

PICC Line Access Guideline, click here.

 Policy & Prodecures for ALS Members, click here.

 Precepting Guidelines, click here.

 Preceptor Qualification Requirements, click here.

 PPCR Documentation Guidelines, click here

 PPCR Examples, click here

Rapid Sequence Intubation Guideline, click here

Sepsis, click here

Spinal Immobilization Guideline, click here

 TJEMS Prehospital Patient Care Protocols (2013), click here.

 TJEMS Prehospital Patient Care Protocols pocket size, click here.

TJEMS Spinal Immobilization Guideline, click here.


 Adenosine (Adenocard), click here

 Albuterol (Proventil), click here

 Amiodarone (Cordarone), click here

 Aspirin (Acetylsalicylic Acid, click here

 Atropine Sulfate, click here

 Calcium Chloride, click here

 Dextrose (D50), click here

 Diphenhydramine HCL (Benadryl), click here

 Dopamine HCL (Intropin), click here

 Epinephrine (Adrenalin) 1:1,000, click here

 Epinephrine (Adrenalin) 1:10,000, click here

 Fentanyl, click here

 Glucagon, click here

 Haloperidol, click here

 Ipratropium Bromide (Atrovent), click here

Ketamine (Ketalar), click here

Lidocaine (Xylocaine MPF), click here

 Magnesium Sulfate, click here

 Midazolam, click here

 Metoprolol (Lopressor), click here

 Morphine Sulfate, click here

 Narcan, click here

 Nitroglycerine and Nitropaste 2% Ointment, click here

Prednisone, click here

 Sodium Bicarbonate, click here

 Solumedrol, click here

Tranexamic Acid (TXA), click here

 Vasopressin, click here

 Zofran, click here



 1998 CARS Annual Report, click here

 2007 CARS Annual Report, click here

 2008 CARS Annual Report, click here

 2007 Matrix Regional Fire and Rescue Consolidation Study, click here

 2007 EMS Delivery – Analysis of System Performance & Recommendation to Improve Service, click here

 Applicant Manual, click here

 Corporation By-Laws, click here

 Probationary Member Manual, click here

 Technical Rescue Team Report – 1998, click here

 Technical Rescue Team Report – 1999, click here

 Technical Rescue Team Report – 2000, click here

 Squad Truck Operations Program (STOP) Manual, click here

 What You Have to Do To… Manual, click here


 EMS Mnemonics, click here

 EMS Baby, click here

 VEHEXT 2008, click here.

 CARS Video 1, click here.

 CARS Video 2, click here.

 CARS Video 3, click here.



 1.1 – Introduction, click here.

 1.2 – Maintenance & Revisions of SOG’s, click here.

 1.3a – Duty Officer Responsibilities, click here.

 1.3b – Deputy Chief Day/Night Operations Responsibilities, click here.

 1.3c – Deputy Chief of Special Operations Responsibilities, click here.

 1.3d – Assistant Chief of Operations Responsibilities, click here.

 1.4 – Line Officer Responsibilities, click here.

 1.5a – Crew Captain Responsibilities, click here.

 1.5b – Bike Team Supervisor Responsibilities, click here.

 1.5c – Special Event Team Captain Responsibilities, click here.

 1.5d – Vehicle Rescue Team Captain Responsibilities, click here.

 1.5e – Technical Rescue Team Captain Responsibilities, click here.

 1.5f – Water Rescue Team Captain Responsibilities, click here.

 1.6 – Shift Staffing & Attendance, click here.

 1.7 – Dress Code & Appearance, click here.

 1.8 – Squad Member Responsibilities, click here.

 1.9 – Chain of Command, click here.

 1.10 – General Rules, click here.

 1.11 – Ride Along Program, click here.

 1.12 – Media Interface, click here.

 1.13a – Standby History & Requirements, click here.

 1.13b – Standby Procedure (pending re-write)

 1.14 – Training, click here.

 1.15 – Handling of Patient Property, click here.

 1.17 – Complaints, click here.

 1.18 – Medication Storage and Security, click here.



 2.1 – Pre-hospital Patient Care Reports, click here

 2.2 – Essential Documents Maintenance Policy, click here.

 2.3 – Special Incident Reports, click here.

 2.4 – Evaluations, click here.

 2.5 – Clinical Incident Review Policy, click here.

 2.6 – Quality Assurance / Quality Improvement Policy, click here.

 2.7 – Continuous Quality Improvement Program, click here.



 3.1 – Incident Command System, click here.

 3.2 – Motor Vehicle Accidents, click here.

 3.3 – Structure Fire Standby’s, click here.

 3.4 – Medical Incidents, click here.

 3.5 – Interfacility Transfers, click here.

 3.6 – Emergency Custody Orders, click here.

 3.7 – Radio Operations, click here.

 3.8 – Remote Access Emergencies (pending re-write)

 3.9 – Transport of Service Animals, click here.

 3.10 – Response Guidelines, click here.

 3.11 – Single Use Items, click here.


4.1 – Vehicle Rescue Team (pending re-write)

 4.2 – Technical Rescue Team, click here.

 4.2a – High Angle Rescues, click here.

 4.2b – Confined Space Rescues, click here.

 4.2c – Trench Collapse Rescues, click here.

 4.2d – Structural Collapse Rescues, click here.

 4.2e – Personal Use of TRT Equipment, click here.

 4.3 – Water Rescue Team, click here.

 4.4 – Structure Fire Operations, click here.

 4.5 – Special Events Team (pending re-write)

 4.5a – Special Events – Scott Stadium – Operations, click here.

 4.5b – Special Events – Scott Stadium – Command Post, click here.

 4.5c – Special Events – Scott Stadium – Non-Sport Operations, click here.

 4.5d – removed

 4.5e – Special Events – Routine Stand-by Events, click here.


 5.1 – General Vehicle Operations, click here.

 5.2 – Ambulance Driver Training, click here.

 5.3 – Squad Truck Operations, click here.

 5.4 – Squad Technician and Operator Training, click here.

 5.5 – Severe Weather Vehicle Operations, click here.

 5.6 – Squad 133 Operations, click here.

 5.7 – Squad 134 Operations, click here.

 5.8 – Squad 135 Operations (pending re-write)

 5.9 – Zone Car Operations and Staffing, click here.

 5.10 – Support 138 Operations and Staffing, click here.

 5.11 – Accidents Involving CARS Vehicles, click here.

 5.12 – Eligibility for Vehicle Fleet Operations, click here.


Purchasing Policy, click here.

Purchasing Authorization Limits, click here.


 800 Mhz Radio Operations, click here

 Ambulance Checking, click here

 Ambulance Equipment Layout/Inventory, click here

 Ambulance Operations, click here

 Ambulance Orientation, click here

 Basics of ALS Assistance, click here

 Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Device Training, click here

 Driver Release Process Packet, click here

 Elderly Abuse and Neglect Program, click here

 EMS Fire Scene Operations, click here

Field Bridge Training, click here

 Glucose Monitor Training Program, click here

 Glucose Monitor Policy Post-Test Answer Sheet, click here

 How to Read the Pager Information, click here

 Map Orientation Training Program, click here.

 Map Orientation Module Completition Quiz, click here.

 Medical Aspects of Technical Rescue, click here

 Overview of CARS, click here

 Philips MRx Defibrillator AED Mode Tutorial, click here

 Philips MRx Defibrillator Cardioversion Mode Tutorial, click here

 Philips MRx Defibrillator Pacing Mode Tutorial, click here

 Preceptor Training Phase I (Introduction), click here

 ResQPOD On-Line Training Program, click here

 Sample – Medical Patient Radio Report, click here

 Sample – Trauma Patient Radio Report, click here

 Squad Truck Operations Program (STOP) Manual, click here

 Technical Rescue Awareness, click here

 Test for 800 Mhz Radio Operations, click here

 VEHEXT Winch Operations, click here


 CARS Operations Organization Chart, click here

 CARS Administration Organization Chart, click here

ePCR Policy, click here

Education Reimbursement Policy, click here

 Medical Student Ride-Along Information, click here

 Regional Incident Command System Policy, click here.

 Squad 133 Inventory List, click here

 Squad 134 Inventory List, click here

 Squad 135 Inventory List, click here